Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez: The Twist

Jasmine and Jorge’s take on ‘the twist’

Woah, it took us a whole weekend to recover from Wednesday’s double elimination and judges’ save shocker. Well, more so due to the latter, since Jasmine and Jorge really weren’t much of a surprise. But a do-over? Or veto power, or whatever you want to call it, the ramifications of that trump card are huge.

If Idol could rewrite its own history, would Chris Daughtry be a victor? Would Taylor Hicks have ended up a season 5 footnote? Even Idol stage manager Debbie Williams said during an LA Times chat on Friday that Clay Aiken should have won season two. “That was an odd year,” she wrote, “I love Ruben, but I think it should’ve been Clay.” And how about Jennifer Hudson? The possibilities boggle the mind.

What do this season’s crop of contestants think of the new rule?