David Cook Keeps Them Waiting

Upcoming on Idol: Last year’s winner Cookie (as the stage manager called David Cook) performed his new single, “Come Back To Me,” with a 12-piece band that included a string section. The performance–along with the presentation of a platinum plaque for his self-titled debut album–will air on the April 1 Idol. David’s guitar was adorned with the initials of his brother Adam Cook, who has cancer. (Speaking of taped performances, Carrie Underwood’s performance tonight was recorded last night. It’s done all the time and still considered live, so let’s not get our panties in a bunch.)

Mystery solved: Ever wonder what time Ryan Seacrest, the man with many jobs, goes to bed? Joking around with the stage manager while waiting 35 (!!!) minutes for David Cook to take the stage, Ryan said, “Let’s go! Bedtime is 8:02 for me.” Ryan then proceeded to jokingly run through his KIIS-FM L.A. morning radio show: “We’ve got Commander Chuck on the scene…Ellen, what’s in the Sleaze?”