Clay Aiken Was Not Kicked Out According To Justin Guarini

This morning on WLS/Chicago, Paul Harris talked with Justin Guarini about whether Clay Aiken was kicked out of the “Idol” studio a few days ago.

As it turns out, the American Idol machine is bitter and creating a backlash against Clay for leaving them behind. He sued 19 to get out of the restrictive and greedy management contract in 2004 and helped Kelly Clarkson do the same in 2005. Last fall he chose not to re-sign with 19 Recordings (distributed by RCA/RMG). Honestly, who can blame him when they have not promoted his music at all and have made some bad decisions about the (cover) albums they wanted him to make.

His fans were wondering why he was often bashed by Simon. It explains why “Idol Gives Back” ignored their very own UNICEF ambassador and it explains why Clay hasn’t been invited back to perform on American Idol. I can understand not including him, if that’s as far as it went, but to plant a manufactured scandal in the National Enquirer is going too far.

Its a dirty business. How many other scandals was AI responsible for feeding to the tabloids? Ryan Seacrest has certainly also done his share of damage to Clay’s reputation on his radio show and on the E! network.