TV Guide Asks Justin Guarini About The Top 3

Analyzing Idol: Might Paula’s Pick Have

Doomed Danny?

May 13, 2009 09:40 AM ET

TV Guide Network’s Justin Guarini takes on American Idol’s Top 3.

This week, Guarini shares his thoughts on the Top 3, each of whom this week each served up a tune of his own choosing, as well as a song chosen by a judge. Were you surprised by Kara’s reaction to Kris’ version of “Apologize?” Did you think she was too harsh? Justin Guarini: I didn’t think her comments were exactly harsh. They weren’t lovey-dovey either. I think that Kara had a point, though, that the performance was a bit like the recording. On the other hand, that song is not the easiest song to sing, and Kris handled it masterfully. While it is, of course, all very “entertaining,” do you think the judges’ bickering overshadowed their critiques of Kris and Danny?

Guarini: The judges are an entity unto themselves and part of the reason why we love them is that they do bicker and get on each other’s nerves. My hope is that their passion for the contestants translated into a massive amount of votes for America’s favorites. For each of the Top 3, which did you personally find to be the stronger of their two performances?

Guarini: I think that everyone’s second performances were the best – although I think that Adam scores the highest marks for overall performance quality. Which judge surprised you the most with his or her song selection?

Guarini: Paula. I think she was right on the money with the comparison of Danny’s tone and timbre to Terence Trent D’arby, but I think she missed the mark on the song choice [“Dance Little Sister”]. “Sign Your Name” or even “Wishing Well” would have been better selections, due to the fact that they are known. The real irony here is the probability that less than 1 percent of the teens watching the show even know who Terence Trent D’arby is. Do you think any of the contestants made potentially game-ending song choices?

Guarini: Not at all. Each person played to their strengths. Adam this week was featured solo on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, touted as “the most exciting American Idol contestant in years.” Could overexposure or backlash come into play at this late date?

Guarini: I don’t believe that it matters at this point. I think that America has made up their mind about Adam, and we’ll see how they feel in a matter of hours. Having been on Idol, do you think it entirely fair that Simon can tour talk shows and share his prediction about who will win – even as the competition still goes on? Doesn’t that deflate and further handicap the others?

Guarini: Simon says: “I do what I want.”

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