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FucK Skull

Definition from urban dictionary:

“A female who has been f***d by so many guys she becomes profoundly retarded, thus engaging in sexual intercourse with anything that has a dick.”

Misogynistic much?


Glambert excuses. Adam had nothing to do with wearing that offensive shirt. He is innocent! It doesn’t mean what it means! You’re so pathetic. =/

1.) Do you really feel that threatened by the guy that you have to dig up every obscure detail to “bring him down” Is his shirt really so bad that it will bring him down?

2,) You’re desperate. For what? I didn’t make him wear it.

3.) Because his single is coming out soon. Is that why he wore it?

4.) Adam or his fans really make you lose that much confidence in your favorite. Huh?

5.) You should just get over it and ignore him. Don’t report the stupid things he does. It isn’t good for his image.

6.) You’re obsessed. What?

7.) This blog is run by clay aiken’s mother. Hahaha!

8.) That shirt is one of that girl’s designs. That girl is such a famous designer that we don’t know her brand.

9.) You need a hobby. This is my hobby.

10.) Its a band name. I doubt it but that still doesn’t excuse him for making a highly offensive statement by wearing it.

11.) Sweetheart, you must be very unaware of gay sex jargon. Wait, I thought it was a band name and a design by some girl. Which one is it now?

Keep it coming, I’m entertained!

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