Clay Aiken Responds | Idol Gossip

Singer Clay Aiken is responding to the allegations he illegally voted in the Wake County School Board Election.

Records show Aiken voted in October using the address of his mother’s home in Raleigh, where he once lived. He now has a home in nearby Chatham County.

The allegations were filed in November by a conservative group and the Wake Republican Party.

Tuesday Aiken responded on his blog by saying that his registration is valid, but he’s going to change it from Wake County.

The Wake County Board of Elections will look into the issue at a hearing Wednesday.

Here is Aiken’s response:

I’ve always considered Wake County “home.”  Growing up here taught me values like looking beyond the color of another’s skin and speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  I hold Wake County and its values dear.

Recently, I expressed my views and concern about the direction in which the newly elected members of the School Board propose to take Wake County schools.  In a private blog, I stated strong opposition to the campaign rhetoric of the newly elected Board members.  In response, the Wake County Republican Party has challenged my voter registration in Wake County.

It just goes to show the lengths to which some folks will go to silence an opposing view.  I’ve remained registered at the permanent address that I’ve long used here in Wake County because I consider Raleigh home.  While I believe my registration is perfectly valid, I’ve decided to change my registration from Wake County rather than get into a technical dispute.

But, rest assured, this attack on my voter registration will not silence me.  I may not be able to effect change through my vote, but I will join other concerned citizens in speaking truth to those who would reverse decades of progress in Wake County schools.  I stand by my opposition to policies that threaten to resegregate schools and eliminate diversity.  These policies will not prepare children for the larger world.

Policies based on campaign rhetoric will leave behind the very children who need help the most.  I urge the newly elected School Board members to consider the needs of all Wake County school children, not just a few.  Wake County was a special place to grow up, and remains a great American community, because of its diversity, because of its progressive schools, because people take care of each other.

I urge the new board members to slow down, look beyond their own campaign agenda, and begin to govern responsibly with the needs of all children in mind.  If they do not, the people of Wake County will hold them accountable.  Regardless of my own voter registration, I will continue to speak up for all children of a place I will always consider home.

Clay Aiken