Adam Lambert: New Year’s F*ing Eve | Idol Gossip


December 13th, 2009 at 10:02 am

There is a lot of speculation as to why Clay made such a strong comment about Adam. I do know that Clay was asked innumerable times about what he thought about Adam. And there was that stupid rumor about him visiting the AI set. Fact is he went to the AI office to visit some friends, but someone put out a totally false rumor that he went there to try to meet Adam and that he was dying to duet with him. I guess his comment pretty much put an end that that rumor train.

I also have issue with the fact the statement that Clay made wasn’t really about Adam, but about American Idol itself. Somehow that all got lost in the hoopla about his opinion of Adam’s performance. And Clay wasn’t the only person who had a strong, negative opinion about it either. So I don’t know why it is being held over his head all this time. Maybe the Adam fans should spread the joy and pick on Simon… or Adam’s own mother.

I would of also had a lot more respect for Adam if he accepted, or at the very least acknowledged, Clay’s apology along with his several public statements to the media about it. That would of been the gracious thing to do.

Oh yeah. Clay did apologize. Didn’t he? Sometimes I think he shouldn’t of bothered since everyone seems to totally forget that.

Clay is on a down cycle right now. Even then, he did manage to make the news about his opinion (don’t know why everyone is so interested in his opinions) about the local school board. LOL.

And it was only last year that he was on major news outlets about not only his personal life, but also about his stint on Broadway.

Just Me does have a point. Most people just off of Idol do get a lot of press, so Adam is not all that unique in that respect. Time will only tell if he can maintain that or not. Also, you are right that it might be a little soon to say that Adam’s album is tanking, but fact is that the numbers don’t look so good right now and the way record sales work, unless Adam has a major hit, it is not likely that album sales will take off. Heck, Jordin had several big hits off her album and her sales were just good, not phenomenal.