Adam Lambert: Flopping. Scared. Inevitable. | Idol Gossip


December 13th, 2009 at 5:34 pm

notafainnNE – That may all be true. I, too, think he shot himself in the foot by going too far in his AMA performance. And by “too far” I mean letting the adrenaline get the best of his singing voice, giving the finger (and making the face) at the end, and “lingering” too long with the SOS.

The SOS was fine with me, but I just think that moment should have lasted about a 1/2 sec and not about the 3-4 secs it actually did (not to mention he really ground it in). He should have played it more non-chalantly, like Pink did when she performed “God Is A DJ” at the Billboard Awards in 2004. There was NO uproar then. Not even a peep! Everything else was fine with me! Not a problem.

Now, concerning the AI tour…we’ve all seen the YouTube’s (if not actually in person). I clearly remember on just about EVERY stop on the tour, FANS were throwing underwear, and SEX TOYS on STAGE during Adam’s performances. And Adam handily (and graciously) incorporated them into his act EACH and EVERY time! If AI fans or curious Adam lookie loos did not Google him before they went to see him live in concert, then certainly they (most concert goers, not all) had the chance to YouTube his AI concert performances BEFORE they purchased tickets. I don’t EVER remember anyone crying foul over his performances then – which were quite sexy and provocative! That’s NOT to say that they were on par with his AMA performance, but one look at “The Zodiac Show” and one could see just how far he’s willing to go.

Concerning his “attitude and performances”, it was clear to me that he was in character. A character that was befitting to the lyrics in the song “For Your Entertainment”. The Worldwide audience of American Idol got to see Adam’s “attitude and performances” for about 20 weeks or so on AI, and then for another 6 months prior to his debut release. It’s hard for me to erase ELEVEN (11!) months of getting to know Adam through his “attitude and performances” on American Idol, GMA,, Early Show, Today Show, AOL Sessions, Tonight Show, Late Night, countless TV, internet and magazine interviews, etc, etc, etc….and then pronounce a FINAL and UNWAVERING judgement on him, his talent, his career, and his innerworkings by ONE (1!) 3 minute, adrenaline fueled, expectation/pressure weighted, performance!!!

And yes, I agree with you that he WILL have a hard time selling CDs and concert tickets. MOST music artists out today are having a hard time selling CDs and concert tickets…even the indomidable Beyone and Madonna who’ve had a hold on concert sales for some time now. When the holiday season promo of Adam’s CD on network TV ends, he will have to rely solely on his music to sell his discs…not his disarming and charming personality, smile and sense of humor (he’s a good interview!) coupled with a visual performance (he’s a very visual artist). And without a radio hit right now (radio isn’t playing him nearly enough, if not at all), sales and interest will surely suffer.

I somehow expect radio interest to pick up though once XMas is over since his new single “If I Had You” is very NYE friendly. In January they’re breaking him in Japan and the UK (which seems very Adam friendly) and he’s going on tour next Spring (so there’ll be more TV promotion for the tour, with possibly more singles from the CD sung on performances). I think, all things considering, all is well with Adam. He still has both of his legs to stand on and it seems he’s working to do everything he can to stay on his feet.