Kris Allen Says Adam Lambert is Finally Showing His True Colors | Idol Gossip

Shocked over Adam Lambert’s recent performance antics? Don’t be, says American Idol winner Kris Allen, because there is more to come.

“Yeah, that’s who he is,” Allen told the press at last Friday’s Z100’s Jingle Ball at New York’s Madison Square Garden. “Obviously, he couldn’t do that stuff on Idol. And so you’re getting to see the real Adam now.”

Lambert caused an uproar for his sexually-charged performance on the American Music Awards last month, which led ABC to cancel his scheduled New Year’s Eve appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and his performance on Good Morning America. He was allowed to appear on The View.

“I thought it was Adam being Adam,” Allen said of Lambert’s AMA performance. “I’m going to get a shirt that just says, ‘That’s Adam.’ “

As for Lambert, he says he has found a way to address the controversies through his music.

“[The single ‘Whataya Want From Me’] is a great way for me to say to the public, ‘What do you guys want from me? I’m doing my best,’ ” he said. “And the best lyric in the song is ‘I’m a freak but thanks for lovin’ me. ‘Cause you’re doing it perfectly.’ “

The Idol runner-up just hopes fans don’t stop loving his music. “I think that’s my biggest fear,” Lambert admitted.



Kris better get some strong armor, the Glamberts will be hating on him worse than Clay now!