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January 2nd, 2010 at 4:52 am


I m so tired of people saying Clay doesnt appericate his fans! Clay has always stated how much he cares about his fans..Just because he didnt come on and say Merry Christmas doesnt mean he doesnt care…I think Clay is the only celebrity that opens up as much as he does to his fans..And if you feel that way…thats on you not on him!!

Oh and for his “outspoken” political views..What he shouldnt be aloud to voice what he believes in? He has every right to voice his opinions..just like every other human begin does…and specially when it was on private site!

Whats so weird about his personal life? Is it weird because you dont have the right to know anything about it? And thats pissing you off! There is wayyyyy to much entitlement in Clays fans base…Some fans think they should know everything he is doing when he is doing it and where he is doing it..And that just not right!

Or they think Clay should blog when they want him too and what they want him to blog about! And they are not happy ever…So it doesnt matter what he does..He could save the world and some fans would be pissed that he didnt do it the way they wanted him to or he didnt do it fast enough for them..Some say all they wanted was a Merry Christmas from him…But we all know if he did come and say that…they would be pissed because he didnt blog more about his new CD or something else..It never fails..He cant win for nothing..

Clay has always been Clay..He has not changed and isnt going to…So fans have to realize they arent going to change him..And thats good..because I wouldnt want him to change just to make a few people happy! And those people dont like that then they should move on! You cant make everyone happy all the time..but some people are NEVER happy specially when it comes to Clay Aiken!

Well I dont know about anyone else..but am sooooo exctied that its finally 2010 I cant wait to hear about his new CD!!!!!!I think this is going to be a good yr for our man!!! Cant wait to get “sick” of seeing him this yr!! How much fun is that going to be!! LOVE YA CLAY!!