Billboard Counts Down Top 50 Music Moments of the Decade | Idol Gossip


January 1st, 2010 at 12:12 am

Do not care for Lady Ga Ga myself. I like singers that sing with emotion and not all the glitter & flash to get attention. Which In my opinion takes attention away from the singer and the voice. With all the help these singers get now with their voices its hard to tell who can really sing.I think it covers up the real voice with all the help they get.Some people like it, I do not.

Clay Aiken is my favorite I enjoy him the most he can sing cannot wait until his new album in 2010. As far as the other Idol’s mentioned I’ve come to enjoy some of Kelly’s songs lately plus some of her older songs and I’m glad she is doing so well she does not need any help, her voice says it all. Carrie was accepted right from the start and has done well for herself I’m not a fan but she can sing and has a very nice voice. Not interested in the others myself but they are doing great and they can sing without the electro stuff they use now to cover up a lot of the other singers voices.I often wonder why they call Idol’s kareoke singers and they get critized for coming from Idol but in my opinion they all sing alot better then some of the people that are on the charts today. Most of all the people that are mentioned in this article from Billboard.

I was a big fan of Elvis Presley’s he sang and had an awesome voice but that’s for another day.

Thank you MJ for bringing these articles to our attention, it is appreciated very much.

I like your new setup here, looks good. Happy New Year!!