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Actually, I say “screeching” because I don’t like how Adam hits his high notes. Some people are just better at it than others. Kelly Clarkson is really good at it. Fantasia and Adam, not so much. For both of them, I enjoy their singing when they are actually singing, but when they start screeching, I leave the room. I don’t think that is bashing. Just my personal taste in music and performance.

As for lumping people together. When I talk about Glamberts who are bashing people, I am referring only to those that are actually doing so. Sorry if you think I mean to infer that my issues with them applies to all Adam Lambert fans. They do not.

And the comments by Lambert fans about Susan Boyle that I am referring to has nothing to do with whether they like her singing or not. Their comments about her were rude and obnoxious. They refer to her by a disgusting name that I will not sully myself to repeat. You will never find me referring to any artist I don’t like by such lewd terms.  Kristen(Quote)