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FCC banning wireless mics from 700 MHz

by Ed Gubbins January 15th, 2010

The FCC is clearing the way for use of wireless spectrum in the 700 MHz band with a proposed ban on the sale of devices that currently use that spectrum.

Interference with wireless microphones in particular has been one of the stumbling blocks toward the use of 700 MHz spectrum for broader communication purposes. Powerful figures in the entertainment industry, such as Clay Aiken and Dolly Parton, had pressed the FCC to back off. More recently, however, the FCC has been barraged with calls from all corners of the telecom industry to free up more wireless spectrum in order to meet the bandwidth demands of the wireless data market.

The FCC is setting a deadline on the sale of 700 MHz devices for June 12, 2010, a year after the digital TV conversion mandate.

Verizon is already praising the FCC’s move. Clay Aiken could not be reached for comment.

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