American Idol Fan Groups Rally for Haiti | Idol Gossip

Many of the American Idol graduates and their fans have tweeted their support of the Haitian relief efforts. There are so many reputable charities that are doing everything they can to help out. Find one and do what you can to help.

I’ve heard of 2 fan group efforts that are worth noting and supporting. If there are others please let me know.

One group is the various American Idol fans that populate ontd_ai (Oh No They Didn’t_American Idol). Go here to read more and to take part in their fundraisers but they are a private community so the link may not give you access. So far they have raised $7,851.00. Kudos to everyone who is helping.

The other group are Clay Aiken fans who have just set up a page on Fans can join the From the Heart of the ClayNation team and donate to this very worthwhile cause.

I was also sent this video that is an emotional plea for help and a fitting tribute to the work that UNICEF does.

Thanks for the tips.

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