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Adam Lambert works at getting beyond ‘the kiss’ Singer says there’s more to him than ‘gay guy’ tag

Adam Lambert doesn’t want to be the gay guy to which I say, be who you really are. The attempts by your PR team to sanitize your image isn’t working.

You continue to whine about the fallout from your own arrogance and stupidity. In a recent interview you are still upset that your ill conceived American Music Awards train wreck has ruined your reputation as a live performer. No shit Sherlock, but its more than just that. You’ve tried on countless images from the bi-curious guy to the half hearted philanthropist. You’ve sucked up to everyone from Perez Hilton to Justin Timberlake in a bid for fame, whether it be for legitimate reasons or as a tabloid celebrity, any attention from any source is your goal.

In an interview with The Toronto Star..

You said:

“It’s too bad. Especially because, I feel, the media has a responsibility to progress society. It would be really nice if the media tried to open their minds and desensitize certain parts of the U.S. to certain things. I see straight people kissing all the time, so why is two men kissing obscene?”

In what way would society benefit from watching you fondle your junk and sexually assault everyone within arms reach on TV? Nobody gives a damn that you kissed a guy. There are plenty of shows that portray love and affection between gay couples on both prime time and daytime television. Tell your publicist that making you spin that particular lie isn’t working. You need a new strategy.

“The TV networks have been punishing me for it. They wouldn’t let me do any live TV. They still haven’t, I’m not bothered by it anymore. It is what it is and I do think it’ll blow over. Time heals and people are fickle and all that. But it’s even made some other networks nervous about other projects, ones I shouldn’t talk about for `political’ reasons. “

The networks are pissed off because you didn’t deliver the performance you promised. If you had rehearsed your song with all of the extra simulated blow jobs, package thrusting and crotch grabbing that you ultimately did on live TV, the director would have been prepared to cut the camera away from you to something more palatable for the prime time audience for those moments. You didn’t give them that chance. You say that other artists do these things but the producers know what is coming and they can direct the cameras and Bleep bad language accordingly. You pulled a bait and switch. That is why you aren’t being trusted to perform live.

To add insult to injury, the show gave you the prime slot as the show closer. You not only offended the home viewers with your antics but your singing was horrendous and you topped it all off by flipping the bird at one and all as your thanks. The many other legitimate artists on the show must have gone away hating your guts for taking that plum opportunity and shitting on it when you hadn’t even earned your right to be on that stage.

Go back to the cabarets where you and your ridiculous persona belong.

What he’d prefer not to do in the meantime is become a crusader for gay rights in pop music. “On the one hand, I think it’s cool because there isn’t a lot of visibility for a young, gay, male musician. But … I do resent slightly the fact that when I’m presented in the media, it’s `openly gay singer and American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.’ … My occupation is not `openly gay guy.’ I’m a singer. My sexuality should be a sidebar, if anything.”

You made your story about your sexuality. Don’t go crying about it now because nobody forced you to play coy with the Idol audience in a bid to get the maximum number of votes. Now that the show is over there is nobody twisting your arm to share the details of your sex life, your partying and drug use or your attempts to claw your way to fame in numerous magazine interviews. You certainly enjoyed the extra attention it afforded while it suited you.

Now that your AMA debacle has blown up in your face you are tired of it. Tough noogies.

If you don’t want to be treated like a name-dropping fame-whoring freak, go wash your face, lose the diva attitude and for godsakes can you get through just one song without shrieking? Dog owners nationwide will appreciate it.

One last thing:

Still, there’s been some speculation that For Your Entertainment has stalled about 40,000 copies shy of gold status in the States because of lingering homophobia.

Stop insulting the general public with this nonsense. You are selling poorly because the vast majority of people don’t want to buy your shitty music and they don’t like you. We don’t need another vapid fame-whore. Paris Hilton has that market sewn up and her flop album sold better than yours. Your sexuality has nothing to do with it.