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Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud Encourage America to Sing If They ‘Dunk’ or ‘Don’t Dunk’ Their OREO CAKESTERS

EAST HANOVER, N.J., March 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Dunking Oreo cookies in milk is a time-honored tradition, but when it comes to Oreo Cakesters, the Oreo of snack cakes, the question remains “to dunk or not to dunk.”  The dilemma has sparked a “dunker’s debate” among Oreo fans on Facebook who are declaring their dunking or non-dunking allegiance.  Singing idols Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud, no strangers to friendly competition, have teamed up with Oreo Cakesters to feed the debate and encourage America to take a side the best way they know how – through song.

Desai, a dedicated Dunker, and Giraud, a diehard Non-Dunker, recently recorded their own a cappella versions of a new Oreo Cakesters jingle as part of the first-ever Oreo Cakesters Jingle Contest. Now through April 5, 2010, Oreo fans can do the same for the chance to win a trip to professionally record their jingle to air on national radio and meet Desai or Giraud.

“Choosing the Dunkers side was an easy choice because I don’t know any other way to eat an Oreo than to dunk it in milk,” said Desai.  ”An Oreo Cakester tastes like the cookie with the soft delicious Oreo creme, so you’ve just got to dunk it, too.”

His former competitor disagrees.  ”You dunk cookies, not snack cakes,” said Giraud.  ”Oreo Cakesters taste awesome on their own – no dunking for me!  I had a great time singing for my side and recording the Non-Dunker jingle.  I’m looking forward to seeing the creative entries my fellow non-dunkers submit.”

Taking Sides Through Song

Fans can visit to choose their side and download the Dunker or Non-Dunker jingle lyrics.  Groups of up to four people are invited to create a video of themselves performing the jingle in their own, creative way.  Entries must include the Oreo Cakesters product and fans are encouraged to show how they dunk or don’t dunk their Cakesters within the video.

Three finalists will be selected to represent each side of the debate and posted online for America to help choose their favorite.  One Dunker and one Non-Dunker entry that receive the most votes will win a trip to record their jingle professionally and meet Desai or Giraud.  Their jingle will then air on a national radio show for all of America to enjoy!

Double Your Dunking (Or Non-Dunking) Pleasure

No matter what your dunking preference, Oreo Cakesters come in four delicious varieties including ALL NEW Double Stuf Oreo Cakesters with double the soft Oreo creme sandwiched between two luscious chocolate cakes.  Other varieties include Original, Peanut Butter and Golden Oreo Cakesters.

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