Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle): “Brit Slap” | Idol Gossip

I went to this lunch three months ago, and it was with a couple of musicians from New York. They were like “Nick, do you ever want to record a song?” And I’m like “No, I’m a comedian. That’s silly.”

They’re like “Well, come to our apartment in Brooklyn. We’ll see what we can do.” So I go to their apartment. They give me the song. They called it “Brit Slap.” They’re like “OK, Norman Gentle will sing this to Simon Cowell.” …

I realize this is Billy Joel’s guitarist from his last tour. This is Paul McCartney’s guitarist from his Shea Stadium concert that wrote it. So we recorded it, and just last week someone heard it and they’re an investor.

So now I’m signed to this independent record label, and we’re shooting the video for it in Times Square at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum so I can sing it to all the “Idol” judges. We’re releasing it on April 8.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about, I got called to do a show in Las Vegas and it will be a four-month show. I’m not allowed to say the casino yet, but it’s going to be with two “Idol” winners and a couple of finalists, and I’m just going to be hosting it.