Carmen Rasmusen: Breakout — The Road to Stardom | Idol Gossip

Carmen Rasmusen-Herbert – That’s right, the sweet and talented singer who became a darling on “American Idol” in 2003 (she made it to the top 6) has a hyphenated name now. Seeing as her husband, Bradley Herbert, is son to the governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, that makes the wholesome beauty the “first” daughter-in-law of Utah.

The twosome were married in 2005. They had a son, Boston, in 2008.

Though based in Bountiful, Rasmusen-Herbert, a Woods Cross High School graduate, has been spending time in Music City of late. She filmed a pilot for Star Tour, Inc. called “Breakout — The Road to Stardom” in Nashville, with other country talent, such as Gary Nichols and Jason Byrd. If picked up by a network, the show would follow emerging country artists as they try to make the big time.