Scotty McCreery Beats Everyone Since Season 7 | Idol Gossip


October 12th, 2011 at 10:07 am

Big congrats to Scotty. Looks like he will get plenty of exposure by touring with Brad Paisley. Lots of non-AI fans will be in attendance to hear Scotty sing so he will continue to gain fans and sales will continue to climb. The same thing with Carrie by having her tour with big names before going out on her own and no one can deny Carrie’s popularity goes far beyond the idol bubble.

Most country artists are not internationally famous overseas, but who cares whether someone is famous in a foreign country? It’s how they are perceived in the USA and Canada that really counts. The foreign sales numbers aren’t included in most stats given in the USA. I know it is common for Lambert’s fans to include his overseas numbers to puff up his popularity and sales, but Scotty won’t need that kind of puffing up when all is said and done.