Disney’s American Idol Experience

Starting Feb. 14, Walt Disney World visitors will get the chance several times a day to prove they’ve got what it takes to be the next “American Idol.”

Following the model of the hit TV show, the “American Idol Experience” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Fla., will put hundreds of contestants a day through auditions, with a select few getting hair and makeup, wardrobe and vocal coaching before a studio audience judges their onstage performances. The winner earns a shot at the real deal.

Unlike the “American Idol” TV show, whose participants must be from 16 to 28 years old, the Disney World “Idol” is open to anyone 14 to 114 (or older).

Auditions for the “American Idol Experience” shows will be held early in the day, probably as soon as the theme park opens. Using a dual-audition process, Disney employees will select 21 singers to fill three performance spots in each of the day’s seven preliminary rounds, according to Screamscape.

During the initial screening auditions, 300 to 400 contenders sing a song of their choosing — a cappella — before a Disney judge. Contestants who make the cut must sing karaoke-style (with background music and lyrics) from a list of 113 approved songs during a second audition before Disney judges.

The lucky few, chosen based on singing talent and performing ability, take the stage in front of 1,000-person audience throughout the day, with the winner of each 25-minute preliminary round moving on to the 40-minute evening finale.

The winners of each preliminary round move on to the end-of-the-day grand finale, with the daily overall champion being handed a Dream Ticket to audition for the TV show.