Idol Contestant Kendall Beard

It is rumored that Kendall Beard from Lufkin, Texas is one of the contestants to reach the top 50. Here is some information about Kendall:

The Lufkin Daily News profiled Kendall Beard in April, when she came back from playing with her band in Austin to perform at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School’s annual fundraiser, the Bayou Bash. A former student, she credited staff for helping her overcome the setbacks she experienced through having dyslexia. 

In April, Beard described her music as mainstream pop with a dance feel, influenced by country roots.

After graduating from the University of Texas, she spent time interning for a music company in Los Angeles before connecting with Capitol Records to spread the word about her music. Her father is friends with Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, an old college buddy. Grammy award winning producer Jeffrey Weber discovered her while she was in Los Angeles, according to an online description accompanying her self-titled album at, which includes free samples of her songs for download.

Source: Lufkin native possible Idol candidate

Kendall Beard

Hometown: Austin, TX



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