Ricky Braddy: Rumored Top 50 American Idol Contestant

By Toby Tate

Staff Writer – The Daily Advance Monday, January 12, 2009

American Idol,” the popular Fox television talent series, may shroud its contestants in secrecy, clamping down on any communication with the press. But that hasn’t stopped speculation that a local man will be appearing on the show.

Several sources claim Elizabeth City native Ricky Braddy will be among contestants when the blockbuster talent show airs tonight and Wednesday.

Speculation that Braddy is a contestant began after he appeared on several FOX “American Idol” TV ads and on several Web sites.

He was also interviewed by a FOX-affiliated TV station, WBKO, in Bowling Green, Ky., while waiting in line in Louisville, Ky., to try out for the show on Sept. 7.

“I feel like there’s a lot of these people from little communities in the South with these big dreams that they never get to realize because they never get to do it,” he told WBKO. “Maybe I’ll get to be their encouragement.”

Local band Out’n the Cold also stated in a recent band newsletter that Braddy is slated to appear on the show.

“One more hometown talent from the Elizabeth City area making it big … is young Mr. Ricky Braddy.” The newsletter said. “Ricky is in the final 50 for this year’s ‘American Idol.’ So if you watch the show on Tuesday, 13 Jan., you might get a chance to hear him. We’re mighty proud of you Ricky, and we’re pulling for you to make it to the finals; good luck.”

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