Carly Smithson’s Wedding Gig

Juliet of “The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet” got married last weekend. She invited Carly Smithson to perform at the reception. Juliet said;

Doug and I really bonded over “American Idol” when we first started dating. We’d have dates, then go to his house to watch the show. His favorite contestant ever was Carly Smithson. I loved her too. So as I was planning the wedding, trying to think of a unique gift for him, I thought – PERFORMANCE. There was no other option really than Carly. I’m so thrilled she agreed to do it. And then on top of everything, she stayed through the reception and ended up performing again, late night “Barracuda” by Heart, one of my favorite bands of all time. The whole party was freaking out b/c she’s so talented, and it’s such a hard song to sing.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! The Big Surprise – Carly Smithson from last season’s “American Idol” making a surprise performance for Doug and our guests. It was so hard to keep this a secret. She is such a cool girl. Her album should be coming out in the near future and I will be the first in line for it. She sang “The Reason” (Carole King/Celine Dion) and “With our Without You” by U2. THEN, as a surprise, sang Heart’s “Barracuda”. Unreal.

What a shame that Mike&Juliet’s show is being canceled.