Kara DioGuardi is Settling In

While getting used to the Hoopla surrounding American Idol and dealing with ramped up fame, she talked to Scott D. Pierce of the Deseret News.

“What I wear and how I look has never really been a huge focus of mine. I’ve been concentrating on writing the songs, producing the vocals, running my company. So that’s a change.”

“Normally, I’m the girl in the back and people are, like, ‘Can you get us a cup of coffee?’ And I’m, like, ‘Yeah, I’m the songwriter but I’ll double as the coffee girl today,’” DioGuardi said.

“Honestly, when ‘American Idol’ calls, you just kind of go, ‘What? Are you kidding?’ And you feel like you’ve hit the lottery,” DioGuardi said. “Now that I’m in it and you guys are all around me, I’m starting to go, ‘Is this going to be my life?’

“Because, remember, I write songs. After I write the song, I’m off to the next studio writing another song. I’m not the artist who has to sit there and sing the song for the next 10 years. So, now, having to follow this whole thing through will be an experience for me that I’m looking forward to.”

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