Clay Aiken Hosts Golf Tournament but Not a Player

It’s ironic that Clay Aiken hosted a golf tournament for his Bubel/Aiken Foundation that helps send kids with disabilities to camp. Because he has no idea how to play.

”My game is wicked,” Aiken admitted from the Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens on Monday.

“I just tip the ball in. I don’t have the patience. I think my handicap is like 7,000!”

Mini-golf is a different story.

”I could impress you with that, but let’s be honest: Any sport that involves windmills isn’t real.”

Though Aiken has little patience to even watch Tiger Woods’ game; “Unless you get a hole in one, I’m like, gotta go!”, but he’s passionate about the tourney’s cause. Before making it big on AI, the North Carolina native was a special-ed teacher.

The flagging economy didn’t hurt the turnout to the $500-a-head “Golfing for Inclusion” event. ”I hated to ask for money now,” said Aiken, who just wrapped a Broadway run of Spamalot. “We were worried.”

Miami Herald