Idol Judges Let It Hang Out in Jacksonville

The audition episodes are becoming a grueling test of our patience. Nothing much happening that we couldn’t have passed on in favor of more Hollywood week coverage.

The judges were as bored as we were last night, opting for hi-jinx and threatened wardrobe malfunctions. I know more about Kara’s cleavage than I ever cared to know…..

….and Ryan Mecrest is still a camera hog.

The LA Times had this to say:

This is generally the point in the auditions when I deem panic is an appropriate response to the “American Idol” audition tour’s abject failure to produce a candidate worthy of standing in the footsteps of Clarkson, Aiken and Archuleta. Two years ago, at the Season Six close I wrote: “Thus far, we’ve seen a possible Mandisa or two, perhaps a future Lisa Tucker … but where is the next McPhee, the next Bice or even 2007’s Elliot Yamin?