Fantasia Rips Ms Marmalade a New One

Watch and listen to Fantasia covering “Lady Marmalade” at a UNCF tribute to Patti LaBelle.

EW’s Michael Slezak said:

Around the 1:40 mark, ‘Tasia begins to tear into the song like a starved wolf into a perfectly cooked filet mignon — and I mean that in the best possible way. When she’s done, there’s nothing left but the realization that you’ve witnessed the kind of soul-searing greatness that never seems to happen in our polite, sound-bite-ready, auto-tuned times. I know, I know…a lot of you will accuse my favorite Idol of all time of doing nothing more than screaming like a banshee, but the look on Miss Patti’s face at the 3:40 mark (pictured) says it all: Quit tryin’ to act balky! Chair dancing and mild-to-moderate holleration will be required — even if you’re watching at work!

I say YIKES!