VFTW: Bring Us Your Weak, Your Lame and Your Losers

It doesn’t take a normal person long to realize that Vote For The Worst is a support group for losers. Its a magnet for bitter failures, birdbrains and social misfits. VFTW provides a platform to vomit the unfiltered contents of sick minds and to be cheered on by pin-headed peers. It is the “special olympics” of American Idol viewers.

Anyone with access to a computer can run amok in the streets and back alleys of the WWW. Too many of them have little education and a certain percentage are mentally impaired. Its a fact about the internet that we have to expect and accept.

Today I bring you more morons with keyboards. Let me set the scene.

Betsy Castro, Jason and Michael Castro’s mother, interacts with Jason’s fans at the Castro Cafe message board. She has a thread called Betsy’s Corner that she tries her best to keep up and to answer as much as she can as soon as she can.

Yesterday she posted an update on Jason:

Helllllooo everyone! Life is definitely a whirlwind right now!!! So much is happening so fast that my days are starting to run together. First…before we all go crazy….I asked Jas what shows he was doing that he mentioned on date night…he says “did I say that out loud?” The shows are private parties he was booked for a long time ago…they just happen to be at this time. So sorry for the false alarm! But don’t stress…I’m sure before we know it we will be doing more shows!!! Seriously!!! First he records then he tours…the time frame is very vague right now, but as soon as we have that scheduled we will be sure to let y’all know….

Hope everyone is doing great! The weather is total insanity! We went from 16 degrees in NYC and me moaning about it to 80 degrees in TX when I got home to 27 degrees less than a week later here at home. My poor dogs were staring at the ice on the bushes this morning wondering what was going on!!!

Anyway! Thanks for the continued support! Y’all are the best, now go bundle up!!! (And those of you with 80 degree weather…send some our way would ya!)

Nite Nite~

Betsy was friendly and went out of her way to clear up a rumor that had started on the board. There is nothing wrong with that, other Idols would benefit from such friendly access to information from someone at the source.

But VFTW doesn’t see it that way. Their name for Jason’s mother is Beasty and their objection to her and to the entire Castro family is that they work hard to promote Jason and that they are willing to interact with his fans.

Betsy’s post (titled by SPOON as “Beasty clarifies Jestro’s Date Night”), was brought to VFTW for one reason only, to ridicule the Castros and the fans.

Oh really Beasty? ‘Just so happen to be at this time?” Can we get a time-line of when your son “booked” these private parties?

This is a prime example of how the Cashtros work their grift. They never blatantly come out and ask for lap-tops or gifts or anything. They vaguely mention something and this rabid fan base floods them with what they want.

The Cashtros are now letting the fan-base know that Jason is available for private parties. Who didn’t catch that? No press releases or advertisement necessary. Jason will be inundated with requests and deposits.

Anyone that would grift their children out like this deserves to be exposed in the harshest light available. But anyone left in his fan-base that cannot see through this bullshit? Needs to have their right to breed revoked. Some people are just too fucking stupid to live.

First of all, this idiot isn’t entitled to a time-line or any other private information. It amuses me that these mental midgets can’t grasp the concept of family support, management, and promotion.

Secondly, they refer to normal merchandising and promotion as grifting. Without a doubt there is jealousy that Jason is loved by his fans and that they give him gifts. They act like no other famous person ever received gifts from fans before and that it should be stopped.

Excuse me?

VFTW is offended that Jason may get some more private party bookings in the future. Only the mentally challenged would not understand that a performer’s career relies upon gigs in order to make a living.

The irony of it all is that Amanda Overmyer openly solicits this group for bookings & sales, while the VFTW losers fall all over themselves to help her out by contacting venues and buying any product she puts out. Can you imagine the mockery that Jason would get if he did what Amanda is doing at VFTW? It would get real ugly, I know that much.

I said in my last article that VFTW only likes the losers, since Jason is doing well, he is a target. Any Idol with a large and loyal fan base is a target, the more enthusiastic their fans are, the more hated the Idol is.

There is a 350 page thread called “Idletard and Frau point & laugh thread” that is mainly about the Castros but they occasionally stray to mocking other successful Idols and their fans.

I don’t mind directing the losers and the curious to VFTW. Most normal people will take one look and never return. The losers that find a home there are welcome to it. Half-wits need friends too.

The complete lack of self awareness, the hypocrisy, the ferocity of their misplaced outrage and their overarching hatred of all but the lame, entertains me.

I can point and laugh too.