Catching Up with Bo Bice

During season 4 of ‘American Idol,’ Bo Bice wowed audiences week after week, infusing the pop-centric show with a much-needed dose of Southern twang. He kept a close race with eventual winner Carrie Underwood, and their final showdown proved to be almost as nail-biting as Ruben vs. Clay.

Since finishing second on ‘Idol,’ Bo has released two albums, ‘The Real Thing’ and ‘See the Light,’ toured the world and even became a father of two sons, Aidan and Caleb.

Along the way, he faced a number of life-threatening health battles. Diagnosed with intussusception (blockage of the intestine), the singer’s been in and out of the hospital several times in his post-’Idol’ days. In August 2005, while touring with ‘American Idol,’ he underwent emergency surgery to remove an intestinal blockage. Later that year, he was hospitalized for coughing up blood, only to have emergency surgery again in 2006.

Luckily, Bo is doing a lot better today; he’s had a clean bill of health for a year and a half.

Bo recently chatted with AOL TV about his ‘Idol’ experience, his new CD, his part in all new episodes of ‘American Idol Rewind’ (premieres Sat., Jan. 31) … and which judge he’d want on a deserted island.

1.) It’s been almost four years since you were a contestant on ‘American Idol.’ What have you been up to lately?

You know, ‘Idol’ launched me … really put me in front of millions of people, and gave me the availability to go and tour, and do things that I’ve been doing … We had great success with Clive Davis after ‘Idol’ with ‘The Real Thing,’ which a lot of people know that album; it went gold, and almost platinum on that one. And then after that … I had some health issues, which started to really show when I was on ‘Idol.’ And I just took some time after [that] … I had to have about three surgeries; took some time off, just wanted to be a dad and a husband and really recuperate.

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