Julissa Veloz: Simon is really nice

Julissa Veloz was shown crying as she left the Kodak theater. She was dismissed from the show during group rounds Wednesday, when the two men in her group were put through. Veloz and the other woman in her group were sent home.

The Minaret wanted to know all the details about who she is and how American Idol is when the Camera’s are shut off.

Minaret: What did you sing on Tuesdays Episode and why did you sing it?

JV: “I sang “Inseparable” by Natalie Cole. As a singer it’s hard to find a song that I connect with but when I sing it (Inseparable), it feels like I’m singing a new song each time.”

Minaret: Was your Jacksonville Audition your first audition for American Idol?

JV: “No, last season I auditioned and I didn’t make it past the first round.”

Minaret: Has anything surprised you about this process?

JV: “I didn’t think people would recognize me so fast! Not only in Tampa but also in Orlando. My hair is curly now, different from how it was on the show but still people are like, ‘HEY!’

Minaret: Are the other people supportive or really competitive?

JV: I met a lot of really amazing people while I was there. It seems like we’re really competitive but most of the time we’re trying not to pee our pants trying to impress the judges!

Minaret: Any cute guys that you connected with on the show?

JV: OH MY GOD we had such a good looking group of hotness! Both guys and girls. Everybody was just so good looking! There were all different types of nationalities, all different types of people but everyone was just ridiculously good looking. It was crazy.

Minaret: Have you learned any lessons from your experience on the show so far?

JV: After this experience, I came back a lot more confident in my songs and singing potential. My mind is a lot clearer as to where I’m trying to go with the music. I’m meeting a lot of the right people so I’m really exited about that. I came back so much more confident in myself and as an artist.

Minaret: You’re getting a lot of positive feedback now, but with more and more fame come criticism. Should the tables turn, would you be ready for that?

JV: I have already gotten negative comments. Some people think I’m not that good but others think I sang my song better than Whitney Houston herself which I don’t agree with because hey! Some people said, “That’s not her real hair!” They think I’m wearing a wig or something! Some people even say I’m retarded sounding, Including Simon. But I just laugh it off. They say these things but that means that they’re paying attention so I don’t mind it.

Minaret: Do you have any tips for people who might want to be on American Idol?

JV: One thing, it’s not like it looks like on TV. It’s a very tedious process. It was long nights of not sleeping and waking up and people getting sick and just hard crazy work all day. It’s really intense.

Minaret: What’s something about American Idol that most people wouldn’t know? What’s a little secret that you can let us know?

JV: I can’t really talk about like – I can say one thing. Simon is really nice.

Minaret: Really?

JV: Yeah! At the end of my audition in Jacksonville on TV it seemed like he gave me a tough time or whatever, but when I went to hug him, he whispered in my ear, “Good job kiddo!” He’s really nice and positive. I liked him.

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