More Drunken Seacrest Antics

Seacrest was goofier than usual last night. Mere seconds into pre-Grammys coverage he was asking fetching reality-TV star Kim Kardashian about her racial preferences in men.

Seacrest, his regular E! stable-mate Giuliana Rancic and new red-carpet interviewer Kardashian were setting things up when Seacrest commented how great Kardashian looked.

“Do you like white guys?” Seacrest asked Kardashian. Seacrest clearly was kidding, but his boldness shocked both Kardashian and Rancic.

Kardashian is dating NFL player Reggie Bush, who is black. When Seacrest said something about the couple being engaged, Kardashian corrected, “I am not engaged.”

“So do you like short white guys?” Seacrest continued.

“I do, I do,” a slightly flustered Kardashian said. “I like ‘em all.”


“You’re making me feel very uncomfortable, Ryan,” Kardashian added, good-naturedly. “You are my boss.”

Seacrest then bumped into Rancic on his way out, causing Rancic to make the international “cuckoo” sign — you know, twirling finger on the side of the head.

We’re not sure what Seacrest was drinkin’, but man, we want some.