David Cook Pulls A Daughtry

I like to Google. So when I read a news story about how American Idol winner David Cook “Sells Out In 6 Minutes” that kinda grabbed my attention.

My first question was…Really? My second was where did he “sell out”?

So let the Googling begin….

Let’s start with the “Cooks Hometown Show Sells Out In 6 Minutes” headline. Sounds impressive until you happen to Google it and then it loses it’s…ummmm….street cred? The story from MSNBC.com sure made it seem like David Cook had sold out Madison Square Gardens. (I know, I know the Garden’s in New York.) Ok, so where did American Idol’s #7 “sell out”? Answer: At the Ameristar Casino in beautiful Kansas City Missouri. Again very impressive, that is until you Googlize it. (Stephen Colbert’s not the only one who can do it.) The Ameristar Casino’s Venue Capacity is 400. Wow, that many? That’s almost as much as what they get at my local karaoke bar on any given Friday night. Street Cred meter = 2 out of 10. He only got the 2 instead of a 1 because it’s a casino. Once I found out where the rest of “The Declaration Tour” would be held I climbed aboard the Google train and rode it as long as my stomach could take. Here’s few more for you.

1. 2/13 Tallahassee, Fl – Venue Capacity:350

2. 2/14 Biloxi, MS – Venue Capacity: 1500

3. 2/15 Oxford, MS – Venue Capacity: 1250

4. 2/18 Eau Claire, WI – Venue Capacity: 750

5. 2/19 Cedar Falls, IA – Venue Capacity: 1,600

6. 2/20 Green Bay, WI – Venue Capacity: 2021

7. 2/21 Valparaiso, IN – Venue Capacity: 1000

I could write about all of them (there’s like 40) but I don’t see the point, and I think you get mine. And if you still don’t, then allow me to spell it out.

He’s an American Idol. He has a platinum cd. He has a song on the Top 10 Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. He’s loved by millions, and he’s playing a “tour” that any slightly better than average garage band could play. So I gotta ask….why?

The following quote is from Kansascity.com

“We will have a controversy here, I’m sure,” said campus activities director Beth Rutt. Cook is to perform in the 1,300 seat Hendricks Hall on campus. Rutt said Cook’s agents nixed the school’s multipurpose center that can seat more than twice that number.

“He has a preference for small venues,” said Rutt.

Your kidding, right?

So again I ask….why? I can only guess. Is it because American Idol wants to claim that David Cook sold out all of his shows? I must admit, it does sound impressive, huh?