Melinda Doolittle: Dust My Broom

Melinda Doolittle’s debut album, Coming Back to You, is due Feb 3 2009.

She says “Dust My Broom” is a favorite song that helps her get through tough times.

“This one is about letting it all go. I’m not just gonna dust the whole house, I’m even gonna dust my broom!”

“If it’s not something that’s good for me, then I need to learn how to shake it off. Whether it’s critics saying I look like Shrek or whatever – I shake it off and let it all go. It’s a testament of how I live my life.”

Melinda describes the album as “retro soul that has a touch of Motown, a touch of blues, a touch of Tina Turner in there – all of that.”

She is in talks to perform on Idol this season, and says she is “addicted” to watching the show but isn’t picking a favorite yet.

Go to for the exclusive first listen of her cover of the blues standard “Dust My Broom.”